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Dred Scott—To Kill The Child—The Abortionist—Missing Child—Jordana Davis—Manipulation—Money & Death—Dead Poker—The Brotherhood—3rd Degree—Monologues & Talking Heads



Also available on the AHT page.

Docudrama — Dramatic Documentary

Recorded live onstage at SpiritFaire 2019, a reading of the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision.

Done in conjunction with AHT – the African Heritage Theater

To Kill The Child – trailer

Domestic-Crime Drama

A grandfather, upset about his grand-daughter’s unexpected pregnancy, tries to get rid of the baby any way he can.

The Abortionist – trailer

Domestic Drama

A doctor is conflicted when a medical procedure he specializes is outlawed and his niece is in need of it.

Missing Child – trailer

Domestic-Mystery Drama

A young couple struggles with the disappearance of their only daughter.

Jordana Davis – trailer

Domestic-Crime Drama

A small-time rural businessman, who rules his house like a despot, becomes enraged when his only daughter takes off with a local boy.

Manipulation – trailer

Crime Drama

Round Robin of 4 people with interconnected lives whose decisions become more and more destructive.

Money & Death – trailer

Domestic Drama

The grown children of an aging rural patriarch squabble over the inheritance, and the new girlfriend, of their father.

Dead Poker – trailer

Crime Drama

Small-time gambling addicts join a secret game by underworld figures in a winner-take-all set-up in which they are willing to risk everything, including their lives.

The Brotherhood – trailer

Crime Drama

A small rural band of boys steal a gun and form a club around it forcing issues of power and manipulation.

3rd Degree – trailer

Crime Drama

An interrogator for an organized crime syndicate is himself interrogated by his mentor when funds are discovered missing.

Monologues & Talking Heads – trailer



A series of portraits about people dealing with their own inner demons.  Based on Sunhauke-Schaefer short stories.  Originally created as an experimental film.


The Blind—The Green Comet—Algorithm-X—Valley Of The Shadow—Enraptured—Bleak Winter—What You Become

The Blind – trailer


Two groups of individuals, one trapped outside, one hold up inside, both await the arrival of a stranger who will come and remove them from their separate plights.

The Green Comet – trailer

Sci-fi satire

An unwitting nerdy clerk is stalked by a mysterious stranger who claims the clerk has secret knowledge planted in his brain that spies are out to get.

Algorithm-X – trailer

Science-Fiction: Post-Apocalypse

Anthology of stories in which several groups of individuals, each from their own perspective, must deal with the sudden collapse of civilization.

Valley of the Shadow – trailer


Psychological Horror

A seminarian offers his soul to the Devil to save his wayward brother.

Enraptured – trailer

Mystery Comedy-Drama

A day nurse suddenly develops healing powers and is talked into thinking she’s the Virgin Mary.

Bleak Winter – trailer


A field biologist stranded on what he thinks is an uninhabited island is first rescued, then held hostage by an old hermit-like man and his two flirtatious daughters for a nefarious plan of their own.

What You Become – trailer

Sci-Fi (Film Noir) Satire

Dubious government agents stalk and spy on victims of a car crash who suddenly develop psychic powers allowing them to see into the future.


The Rat Cellar—Men Vs. Women—Drive-In

The Rat Cellar – trailer

Fantasy comedy

A frustrated college professor rents a basement room as a getaway to write his book on Napoleon, only to find the place is infested with giant talking rats.

Men Vs. Women – trailer

Ensemble rom-com

4 couples squabble over a fifth’s decision to break up.

Drive-In – trailer

Ensemble rom-com

5 couples try to re-capture romance at the last drive-in theater.